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Long Distance Love Letters

Summary: Distance between your loving relations is the hardest thing to bear. Write a distant romantic letter to your beloved and explore that pain and feelings you have in your heart. Distant should not be an obstacle between your love express this thing better in your distant romantic letter.


15th central Road,

New Delhi, 110033


Distance cannot make the hearts apart as I am experiencing it personally sitting away from you but listening to your heartbeats each moment. I am able to smile each moment I think of you. Though how distant you are from me your love always make me feel like you are beside me. I am missing you a lot dear but with hope that you would return soon I am enjoying the pain of missing you.

The sweet memories you have poured into my heart will never make me feel alone. I wish the same is happening with you there. You were always been supportive to me despite the distance that counts into hundreds and millions. Your love has strengthened my energies to fight with difficult situations.

Do not forget that I am waiting at doorstep for your arrival with eyes opened and feeling for you.

Yours truly

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