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Love Letter to Husband

Summary: Your husband is your loving partner who will support you in good and bad times, who always encourage you to achieve great things in life and he is one4 and only lovable person in your life. Write a romantic letter to husband and explain those things, which will give more strength to your relation.

April 09, 2010


My dearest Sonu,

When we first met each other, we are leading very different life style in our own ways. I still remember that we are so naïve and young with innocence filled eyes and having the power of fully starry romance. With all that innocent eyes, we have come to a decision of getting married to each other, which I never feel like regretting on.

Numerous problems that come in our way before getting married and several difficulties we faced after marriage have strengthened our relation. You have given me the strength and integrity out of your love. I love you for being my life partner. I am proud of myself for being your wife. Hope that no bad would touch us again but still I promise that I will be beside you during any tough phase that we have to lead our life.

Thank you for making my dreams come true and treating me like a queen of love land.

Your love, Sonali

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