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Missing You Romantic Letter

Letters are the best way to express oneself. When you love someone you always try to be with him/her. But what in case you are away from your loved ones then these miss you letters help you express that how much you love that person and missing him/ her. These missing you letters help you convey your feelings to your lover and make them realize your true love and feelings.
You can write your condition without your partner and tell that why you love him/her so much. Missing someone when he is not near you is very painful. You can pour this sweet pain on the paper and write a sweet missing you romantic letter to you partner. You can also express your thoughts and feeling in a poetic manner. But keep in mind that they should not be a cheap and copied one.
Try to be original. It hardly matters you are in rhyme or not your partner will surely understand your hidden feelings. These missing you romantic letters are the best way to let your partner know that it is really difficult for you to live without him/her.


  • The letter’s content should be cute and lovable.
  • You should address you beloved with sweetheart or darling.
  • You can add some poetic lines.
  • Your letter can be funny and emotion at the same time.
  • Address yourself as your lover etc.

Missing You Romantic Letter Template

Use our free Missing You Romantic Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

To my _____________________, (name of receiver)

You have __________________________ (express your feelings for your lover and tell how much you miss her/him).

Darling ____________________ (express your feelings and share some memorable moments you spent with her/him. state why you love him/her and restate that how much you miss her/him).

Miss you a lot

Yours forever

______________ (name of sender)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Missing You Romantic Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format




My Dear,

I miss you so much. It has been two month i had seen you. It is our fate that has made us live apart in two different cities though our hearts are tied forever. I wish that my project gets completed fast and i may return to you soon. My life has become a vacuum without you. I need you in every aspect of my life.

You are my biggest strength and my greatest weakness. It has become very difficult for me to survive without you. Whenever i am alone i think about the golden days we had spent together and the sweet memories of our love keeps me alive. I know that you are always with me but still i miss you a lot. I cannot express how i fell without you. I love you and miss you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you soon.

I miss you a lot



Email Format

Missing you, romantic letter is written at the time when you are not with your beloved and your heart is missing them every time. It is a sweet pain in your heart because you cannot meet your partner so convey these sentiments to your beloved and let them know how difficult it is to live without them.


My soul,

I have been listening from many couples saying that fate changed their lives. Now I am realizing that it has its impact on our lives too due which we were staying apart though our hearts are with full of love. Every moment in my life is like vacuum filled without your presence. Even in this vacuum your thoughts and memories are like oxygen to me.

I am not able to find words that can explain my pain to you. Heart becomes heavier than mountain while tears come into my eyes to melt the pain inside. I recollect those moments that I spent with you to console myself. Though I feel you around me still I miss you from the bottom of my heart. The life is miserable without you. I can only tell you how many sleepless nights I have to go with restless mind and body. The hope to see you soon is making me live and move the days faster.

I miss you a lot



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