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Missing You Romantic Letter

Summary: Missing you, romantic letter is written at the time when you are not with your beloved and your heart is missing them every time. It is a sweet pain in your heart because you cannot meet your partner so convey these sentiments to your beloved and let them know how difficult it is to live without them.



My soul,

I have been listening from many couples saying that fate changed their lives. Now I am realizing that it has its impact on our lives too due which we were staying apart though our hearts are with full of love. Every moment in my life is like vacuum filled without your presence. Even in this vacuum your thoughts and memories are like oxygen to me.

I am not able to find words that can explain my pain to you. Heart becomes heavier than mountain while tears come into my eyes to melt the pain inside. I recollect those moments that I spent with you to console myself. Though I feel you around me still I miss you from the bottom of my heart. The life is miserable without you. I can only tell you how many sleepless nights I have to go with restless mind and body. The hope to see you soon is making me live and move the days faster.

I miss you a lot


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