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Birthday Letter in a Romantic Way

Birthday is the best occasion to tell your partner that how much you love him/her. What will be better than a birthday letter in a romantic way? These letters convey your feeling and best wishes to your partner. Through these letters you can pour your heart on paper and tell your partner that why he/ she is so important to you and what you wish for them. As this letter is a romantic birthday letter do not forget to wish your beloved a very happy birthday. These letters conveys your feeling and wishes to your partner. These letters have an ability to share your care, affection and your true feelings to your lover. These letters carry the sole feeling of love and heart so there can be no format to write them. The tone of the letter should be romantic and can be funny too as birthday is a special and happiest occasion of one’s life. You can even keep the tone of the letter a poetic one but be sure not to add any cheap and copied item.

  • Address your partner with affectionate words like sweetheart or dearest.
  • Mention some glimpse of some good memories with her.
  • Mention why you love him/her so much.
  • Share your emotions and feelings.
  • Your letter should end in a cute and romantic tone.
  • Address yourself as your lover etc
  • You can write your letter in funny romantic tone also.

Birthday Letter in a Romantic Way Template

Use our free Birthday Letter in a Romantic Way to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


To my _____________________, (name of receiver)

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! You have __________________________ (express your feelings for your lover).

Darling ____________________ (express your feelings and share some memorable moments you spent with her/him. state why you love him/her and also mention your best wishes for him/her).

Love you,

Yours forever


______________ (name of sender)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Birthday Letter in a Romantic Way Sample, Email and Example/Format



My dearest Sarah,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! Even though i am with you still i am writing this letter to you to tell you that how much i love you and need you in my life. Its your birthday darling and is the best day of your life and i wanted it to make it more special by writing this letter to you.

You know that you are my life and every day in my life i just want you to be with me. I love you when you pamper me, are angry, you care and even when you bully me. I wish you the best in your life and pray to god that all your dreams come true. I wish that i can help you to live your dreams. I love you and always want you to be happy.

Bye and lots of love and kisses,


Yours truly,




Email Format

Birthday of your special someone is a day of celebration for you and you want to express your feeling for them on this day. Use romantic birthday letters to tell your partner that they are special someone for you and this day is a special occasion for you. Start their birthday with a special romantic note.

Dear Pinky,

I wish I be there beside you on your birthday to wish you with a sweet kiss. Though I am not there in body I wish you would understand me and my love on you, which makes me thinking of you each moment. I am just spending alone this night thinking of you and arranging a small dinner, which I cooked it myself. My presence there would be a different day for you filled with lot of beautiful memories.

We would have spent time near the seashore, which we both us like a lot and walk hand in hand in the shades of moon light. Amid of roaring waves I would made it as a small picnic with beautiful vanilla flavor cake and colorful candles. The sky would shine when you blow the candles while I sing the song “Happy Birthday” for you playing lovely tones on my guitar.

I promise I will not leave you alone for next birthday.

Your love,




Birthday Letter in a Romantic Way Generator

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