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Birthday Letter in a Romantic Way

Summary: Birthday of your special someone is a day of celebration for you and you want to express your feeling for them on this day. Use romantic birthday letters to tell your partner that they are special someone for you and this day is a special occasion for you. Start their birthday with a special romantic note.

Dear Pinky,

I wish I be there beside you on your birthday to wish you with a sweet kiss. Though I am not there in body I wish you would understand me and my love on you, which makes me thinking of you each moment. I am just spending alone this night thinking of you and arranging a small dinner, which I cooked it myself. My presence there would be a different day for you filled with lot of beautiful memories.

We would have spent time near the seashore, which we both us like a lot and walk hand in hand in the shades of moon light. Amid of roaring waves I would made it as a small picnic with beautiful vanilla flavor cake and colorful candles. The sky would shine when you blow the candles while I sing the song “Happy Birthday” for you playing lovely tones on my guitar.

I promise I will not leave you alone for next birthday.

Your love,


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