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Romantic Honeymoon letter

Summary: Honeymoon is most memorable, romantic and touching time of your life. Where you understand your better half more and start a better life with them. You both enjoy those romantic moments in each other arms but few feelings left unsaid. Intend those emotions and make your honeymoon more special with romantic honeymoon letter.

Dear Jay,

I should be thankful for taking to a land of beauty, which I never entered even in my dream. I never thought such an awesome place could exist on earth. I could not think of any other better time to here than our trip for honeymoon. It was a great feeling to have you with me when the ocean stretches out before us. When I lazily lie down on warm sand I really felt how great would be life ahead with you.

I wish you would understand how best I would give to make our beautiful lives to go peaceful as is now. This ocean also says a lot that the big waves might be the problems that may come in our life and I am sure we shall discuss and solve with understanding. Just be together and they will shade of as tiny ripples when time passes by. Let us turn our relation into strong bond filled with friendship and understanding.

Hope we will enjoy the life like this honeymoon period

Yours lovely



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