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Romantic Honeymoon Letter


Romantic Honeymoon Letters are written (mostly by wives) in a refreshed mood just after returning from honeymoon. They are written to thank the partners (usually husbands)…to thank them for such a wonderful journey and a romantic holiday. The letter describes all the beautiful spots they have seen together and the sender emotionally and romantically suggests that it would be an unforgettable memory to cherish.


Date: __________

Dear__________ (Name of the Recipient),


Sweet heart,

I can’t just seem to get over the nostalgia of our honeymoon to Hawaiian Islands. First our adieu to all from Mumbai airport and then just taking off in comforts of one of the most luxurious aircrafts over the greenish blue Pacific ocean and landing on a an island away from the world.

Our journey started from its capital Honolulu which had such a breathing taking views of both sea and land. The flora and fauna over there, the tropical fruits…pineapple being my favourite, the birds I liked them all. And it was a big surprise on your part to book tickets for a safari, bungee jumping, Para gliding and I was head over heels in awe and love that you kept in mind my love for adventure.

But the unforgetful and most romantic nights of all would be me and you on that cruise ship having a wonderful dinner and me wearing that American style evening gown. Oh love… that night twinkled with so many stars and bright full moon and we danced to so many Hindi songs and that to in a foreign country.

Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon…and I promise that the way you gestured that you always take care of my needs, I won’t back out from responsibilities either. And I promise to make your life a long romantic honeymoon…….

Yours and only yours lovingly,


(Sender’s Name)

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