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Romantic Letter to Fiance

Summary: Romantic letter to fiance is to communicate those bonding which you want from your future life partner. In this letter convey your expectations from your partner and also tell them that they are dream partner. Your loving and caring words for them will build their trust in this relation and they will be happy to have a life partner like you.

Mr. Dale Coring,

New York

Dear Dale,

I am getting very excited imagining the moment we will be declared as your wife in the big church in front of the crowd that gathers there on that day. Though I have many dreams on my wedding I never thought of who shall be my man. Finally, with your arrival, my dreams are complete and my life is full of happiness. When I first saw you, I thought that you are best at heart and wish you be my hubby, which came into true.

You have the great energy in your which took me away far from routine and made me touch the mountains of happiness. I am eagerly waiting for that moment that allows me to stay every moment in your love making our lives as joyous journey. I am very confident the way your grab my hand will definitely make me stay beside you in tough times.

You are the perfect man for me

Yours beloved,


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