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Romantic Letter – Romantic Love letter

Summary: Romantic love letter mean intimating everything to your partner in a romantic way. You may think that it is an old fashioned style but you do not realize how meaningful it is. It is the strongest and most impressive way to tell your partner that how much you love them.

April 16, 2010,

34-C Mall Road, Shimla

Dearest Sonia,

Finally I am happy to see the day I am waiting to see my sweetheart after a long holiday gap of one full month. I spent all my days thinking on our relation, how should it continue, what are we suppose to do for our future life. It was so beautiful imagining the life with you. I felt that the Shimla Mountains are like magical mountains which I played a duet with you in my dreams. I would tell you one secret I kissed you in my dreams which made me feel so great.

The cool breeze, the flower fragrance carried by the breeze has moved my heart each now and then with your fragrance of love. Though the mountains are so calm I always felt your sweet voice whispering my name all around. I always felt that I am with you staying in your thoughts. Sometimes wanted to see you madly and could not stop feelings which came out with passion for love on you.

This small letter is to let you know that I am back and waiting for you.

Yours forever, Sanjay

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