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Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter

Summary: Wedding anniversary romantic letter can express your feelings easily to your life partner. Your partner in all the phases of your life accompanied you and your wedding is that occasion on which you got this special present of your life. So let them know that how much they mean to you and how truly you are thankful to god for this biggest present.

April 23, 2010,

34-B, Chennai

Dearest Sonal,

One biggest gift that God gave to me five years back on the same day through the marriage bond is still beside me supporting me all the times of ups and downs that are general in life. However, what is special is the endless love from your heart to me. I still feel that it is just few months back I sat with you in same class, enjoyed movies, long phone calls during the nights, fights between us which were very painful until we patch up again, all this is like a dream to me still. I am lucky that you are beside me saying that it is real.

The best thing which I like in us is the friendly nature along with excellent communication we had each other during problems. Today on our fifth wedding anniversary I give promise from the heart that I will be for you forever and make you cherish the whole journey of our life. I wish I would fulfill the small dreams that come to my sweet angel. I hope I will get you all that you desire for. But make me do all this with your endless love for me from you and achieve the heights of success

Happy Anniversary, Sanjiv

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