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Insurance Sales Letter

Sales Letter is extremely vital for the business similarly it is for the client also. These days we have a tendency to be attentive towards doing the insurance. Whether the insurance is for the vehicle or your health or perhaps for your life, the insurance sales letters are of most use. The Insurance plays a major part in case of any causality in your life. If someone takes insurance then this can facilitate his survivor even after his death. It’s typically seen that individuals like the companies that have low premium against the insurance. The insurance sales letters that are written by the insurance firms, speaks with their purchasers and additionally to draw in new ones. These letters carry the points regarding the policies that the corporate provides and therefore the premium that it’ll raise. These sales letters are written formally and are spectacular. The advantages of taking insurance are mentioned and it additionally contains facts that how the corporate provides higher services than the opposite. The facilities and services provided by the corporate are additionally mentioned.

Tips For writing an ideal Insurance Sales letter:

1. The insurance sales letter ought to address the right person.

2. The letter ought to carry vital details regarding the company and therefore the services offer by them.

3.  The letter ought to additionally specialize in the very fact that how the consumers are beneficiated and the way the corporate is best in terms of services than the others.


Insurance Sales Letter Sample:



RTYU Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

Ring Road,



Mr. Bill Smith





Sept 16, 2013

Dear Mr. Bill,

At RTYU Insurance private Ltd. we provide you with the life insurance and the insurance of your vehicle. We have low premium insurance policies. We provide guarantee insurance for all kinds of accidents. You will get the advantage to pay the premium from home as we provide home services.

Timely payments of the money is assured by us without any problems. We will be glad if you can visit our office for more details or you can also call us, we will send our agent to discuss the details with you. We assure you full satisfaction.

Thanking you,


With Regards,

ABU Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

(214- 67552627)

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