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Sales Letter – Sales Appointment Letter

Summary: Sales appointment letter mention about the appointment you have fixed with your new client to sell your products or services. Through this letter, you can confirm the appointment with them. You can also mention about your services again so that they will be sure and ready to take a business venture with you.

15th September

Thank you for the booking of an appointment with copywriters of Dvd. We feel honored with you choosing us to provide a business solution or solutions for you. We will see that you will not be disappointed with what we offer. We have served many other businesses and they have liked our services.

As mentioned in the letter of acknowledgement, the appointment is fixed for 23th November 2010. We have the option to chat online at www.dvdcopywriters.com or even call toll free at 1-787-977-2275.It is necessary to make the meeting brief and to the point. In order to familiarize you with our services I am forwarding details about our company and a sample of our sales letter of which copy writing was done by us.

Thanking you,


DVD copyrighters


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