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Sales Letter – Sales Appointment Letter

Whenever any business deal is carried out business communication becomes the leading edge. This communication can be about fixing the appointments with the client’s or providing them with the details of your company or product. The Sales Appointment Letters are used for these purposes. Usually an appointment sales letter is sent in order to get the time slot meeting the clients in accordance with their convenience. The Sales Appointment Letter discusses the time of the meeting with your client in order to introduce and sell your products to them. An appointment can be fixed through these Sales Appointment Letters. The services and business provided by your company can be discussed once more in the Sales Appointment Letter so as to reconfirm them to your clients. The place for fixing the meeting should also be decided.

  • The letter should clearly confirm the time and venue of the meeting.
  • The Sales Appointment Letter should be formal.
  • The Sales Appointment Letter should have clear and to the point contents and no misunderstandings should be there.
  • Errors should be avoided.
  • Clear and simple language should be used.

Sales Appointment Letter Template

Use our free Sales Appointment Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

_____________ (name, designation and address of the recipient)





Date ____________ (Date of issue of letter)

Dear ______________, (name of recipient)

This is to re-confirm about our appointment_____________________________ (mention the date and timings for appointment). We at _________________________( introduce your company name and purpose of meeting).

As per our earlier conversation _______________________ (mention your product, offerings and benefits of your product). Our company ________________________________ (mention the details of your company and your product).

We are looking forward for a successful meeting with you.

Yours truly,

____________ (name, designation and company of the sender).


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Sales Appointment Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Rachel Robins


ADP Links Co.

150 St. Mary Road

New Zealand

Sept 09, 2013

Dear Ms Rachel,

This is to re-confirm about our appointment on Wednesday morning at 11:00 AM. We at ABC Ltd. are looking forward for a meeting with you to show you our latest launched product.

As per our earlier conversation we informed you about our latest laptops and the offers prevailing.

ABC Ltd is in this business since last 7 years and shares a good repute with its customers. Our Products are of best quality and also have an additional warranty period of 2 years. As we have launched a new product we are offering a huge discount of 20% on the market price to our first 20 customers. Our products are available in different colours also. We can assure you a good after sales support also.

We are looking forward for a successful meeting with you.

Yours truly,

Peter Smith

ABC Ltd.

Email Format

Sales appointment letter mention about the appointment you have fixed with your new client to sell your products or services. Through this letter, you can confirm the appointment with them. You can also mention about your services again so that they will be sure and ready to take a business venture with you.

15th September

Thank you for the booking of an appointment with copywriters of Dvd. We feel honored with you choosing us to provide a business solution or solutions for you. We will see that you will not be disappointed with what we offer. We have served many other businesses and they have liked our services.

As mentioned in the letter of acknowledgement, the appointment is fixed for 23th November 2010. We have the option to chat online at or even call toll free at 1-787-977-2275.It is necessary to make the meeting brief and to the point. In order to familiarize you with our services I am forwarding details about our company and a sample of our sales letter of which copy writing was done by us.

Thanking you,


DVD copyrighters

Sales Appointment Letter Generator

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