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Christmas Letter to Employees

Christmas letter to employees is written to extend them warm wishes for Christmas. Through this letter, management can also address the achievement which the company has achieved during the previous year by giving all the credit to their efficient employees. This will help in motivating the employees to work harder for next years goals and achieving the same with true passion.

Few tips need to be considered for writing an effective Christmas letter to employees:

  1. Firstly it is vital to express you warm and personal wishes on the occasion of Christmas.
  2. You must appreciate your employees for their hard work and dedication in coming up to management’s expectations.
  3. Your wordings in the letter should be such that it increases the motivational level of the employees.
  4. As a token of appreciation, do something which will make them feel honoured.
  5. Once you are finished writing the letter, please check the same for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.


Christmas Letter to Employees Sample



All Employees

Arthur Trading Inc.


Mr. James Arthur


Dear All,

I would like to extend my warm wishes for Christmas and would also like to thank for being a par of Arthur Trading Inc. The company has gained its reputation only because of dedicated employees like you. It is a pleasure for me to share our past year achievements with you all. The company’s graph shows a tremendous growth in terms of profit, and it has all happened because of your hard work and dedication in achieving the targets. Today I feel proud to have such an efficient team.

As a token of appreciation, management has decided to throw a Christmas Eve party at our company resort in New Jersey. I would like to invite you all with your family to coma and be a part of this special evening.

I, once again would like to express my gratitude towards you all and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a great Holidays. I believe that we will work like this way in our future endeavours.

Yours Sincerely’


Mr. James Arthur


Christmas Letter to Employees Template


Use our free Christmas Letter to Employees Template to help you get started hassle free.

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