Christmas Letter to Employees

To all employees of (company name),

I take this opportunity to thank all the employees of (company name) and extend my warm wishes for Christmas and New Year to all employees and their family members. Last year we saw tremendous growth in our company and I credit this growth the employees who worked hard and its you sheer dedication and motivation that the company was way ahead in other companies. We wouldn’t have achieved any success and completed our project without your support and dedication.Thank you once again for the achievement we had last year.

We had a lot of challenges in our work last year and with your support dedication and loyalty we have achieved success in all our endeavors.

During this holiday season I wish all of you to a wonder Christmas and a very prosperous new year.

I wish all of you a very wonderful and prosperous year ahead and may we all work together this way every year and bring more success to the company.

Have a merry Christmas and a blessed holiday.

Happy holidays.

Your name



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