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Romantic Thank You Letter

Dear Name,

When I heard about my mother’s accident I was really worried. As she is new to the place and my meeting in _________ country was for five days, it’s amazing the way you handled everything back home. I knew you are a wonderful person and I am thankful to god for having you in my life. I appreciate you taking care of my mom so well; she was pleased and happy to be with you. I don’t know how I would have managed alone as a woman needs another at such time and she always used to miss a daughter. But I am sure once we get married she will be the happiest and will get a daughter.

I know I am not complete without you. You can’t believe how happy I am seeing my mother so healthy. All these days I was worried if she could manage alone. I really appreciate your help and the way you nursed my mother .I don’t have enough words to show my gratitude.

Thank you sweetheart for being there for my mother

Love you


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