Teacher Thank You Letter

Our teacher plays a very important part in our lives. Though it is not possible to repay a teacher’s contribution but a simple thank you can at least make your teacher feel proud.

Here is a sample teacher thank you letter:


James Edmund

34, Ostwald Road,




Mrs. Laura Craft

St. Jesus College,



24th June, 2010

Dear Mrs. Craft,

A teacher is not simply a teacher but is also a guide who leads his pupil to the right path. I am thankful to god for blessing me with such a teacher who has changed my vision of life.

Teacher Laura, when I took admission in junior college I was totally blank. I was not at all serious towards my career; in fact I did not even know why I have joined the college. My life was only fun. And then I met you after which everything has changed.

Your way of teaching, motherly behavior, friendly attitude and most of all your clear vision have brought tremendous changes in me, which even I cannot expect. Today, when I am leaving the college, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s only you because of whom I am in the meritorious list of our college.

Thank you for being there for me. I promise that I will always follow you.

Your naughty student,

James Edmund

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