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Thank you Letter – Thank you Letter for Support

Summary: There are difficult times in our lives when we need the support. And often we forget about people that gave us this support as soon as we get better. Let’s don’t do that and learn write “thank you” letters to those who were there when we needed them.

12 September 2010

Karin Blendert

25 Markettustr,

2450 California

Lary Johanson Dear Karin,

With this letter I want to express my gratitude to you for all the support you showed me when I needed it. You were the one who helped me to get through the difficult times with your advices and suggestions. There is no way to explain how important that support was for me. I was so lost and insecure, totally helpless and hopeless. Your appearing became a salvation.

As much as I can remember, you were always very attentive not only towards me but also towards others. You were always offering your help in many difficult situations I was before and I really appreciate it. I will never forget your attitude and help. There are no so many people in the world like you. Want also to ask you to rely on me whenever you need any help. I will do my best to be useful for you.

Thank you again

Best wishes,

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