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Thank you Letter Gift Card

Summary: When somebody sends you a beautiful gift or card it’s your responsibility to send them thank you letter. They send you a gift with pure feelings and heart so sending them a thank you letter is important to your gratitue towards it. In this letter, you can mention that you like the gift. Read this given below sample of thank you letter gift card.

Ms. Michelle

3950 Rhapsody Street

Gainesville, FL 32601

Dear Ms Michelle,

I am extremely overjoyed to receive such a marvelous diamond pendant. I always wished to own such precious diamonds and I am enormously thankful to you as you thought for me. It was very nice of you to gift me these stones. I will always cherish it and it will remind me about you every moments. I wearied this pendant yesterday in a kitty party and all my friends like it a lot.

As a token of appreciation, I am attaching a small little gift along with this letter. Hope, you will like the gift and appreciate the same.

Looking forward to meet you soon and thank you in person for the thoughtful gift you have given.

Thanking You

Mrs Anne P. Fernandez

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