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Business Complaint Letter

A business complaint letter is written to convey dissatisfaction experienced due to poor service or product performance by a customer to the service provider/ seller. The complaint letter is usually written after repeated verbal requests go unheeded.

  • Start by specifying about the product purchased or service availed from the organization in question. Mention about payments made if any and support with document.
  • Briefly explain how you have been inconvenienced/ dissatisfied by the service of the organization.
  • Ask the concerned staff to intervene and resolve your problem.
  • End by stating that you will move external agencies for justice if your requests go unheeded.

Business Complaint Letter Template

Use our free Business Complaint Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

__________ (your name)



__________ (your address)


__________ (name of recipient)

__________ (designation)

__________ (name and address of organization)


Date _________ (date f writing letter)

Dear Mr/Mrs. __________ (name of recipient)

I had availed ………………….(specify if you purchased a product or service from the organization and mention clearly about payments made if any) .

……………………… (briefly explain the cause for your inconvenience/dissatisfaction ) I have suffered immense mental and physical strain.

I need your office to intervene immediately and sort out this issue. Not only do I want demurrages for ………………….(mention the cause), but a suitable compensation for inconveniencing me ………………… failing which I will have to move the consumer-court for justice.

Please expedite and resolve my problem at the earliest.

Thanking You

__________ (your name)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Business Complaint Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



Cindy Frederick

45, Eastern Towers



Edward Silverstone

Freight Manager

Shell Packers and Movers


21 September2013

Dear Mr. Silverstone,

I had availed Packing and Moving Services from your company for my house-hold goods from Capetown to Cleveland by road on 2 September2013. I made a payment in advance of $1,200, a copy of which is attached.

The delivery date for my goods was 06September2013, but the same was completed on 18September2013; a delay of twelve days. I had to rent essential items for this interim period and endured unexpected financial expenditure. I have suffered immense mental and physical strain.

Instead of an apology from your representative; I was asked to make the remaining payment of $550 without which he refused to offload my goods.

I need your office to intervene immediately and sort out this issue. Not only do I want demurrages for the delayed delivery, but a suitable compensation for inconveniencing me in these twelve days failing which I will have to move the consumer-court for justice.

Thanking You

Cindy Frederick

Email Format


Peter Cage

Royal Paradise Hotel,

Elms Street,

Avenue Road,

New York


Mr. Symonds Grace


Crystal Building and Construction Company,

New York

18th June, 2010

Ref: Complaint regarding the work carried out

Dear Mr. Grace,

Kindly refer to my letter dated 26th April 2010. I had sent a written complaint that the renovation work carried out in my hotel has not been finished in the stipulated period. The work in the kitchens has not been done according to the specification that was given. The work in the suites too has not been finished yet.

It has been causing me great worry and trouble as I have already fixed the date of the inauguration ceremony and the invitations have been sent. 80% of the bookings for the rooms have already been done. The date was fixed after I got the assurance that the work will be completed in the given time.

In my previous letter, I had already brought this in your notice that still some amount of work is left. I was again promised that the work will be finished in the given time but it was not so.

I am, therefore, bringing in your notice that if the renovation is not complete in the stipulated period I will have to face a lot of hassles in postponing the inauguration date and also suffer losses as I will also have to cancel the bookings. I hope that necessary steps will be taken to complete the work.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Peter Cage


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