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Complain About The Manhandling By The Authorities

Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject: Complain about the manhandling by the authorities


Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

I will like to bring to your attention the bad behavior of the authorities at the exam center _____________ (name of the exam center) on ___________(date).

Some examinees complained about the poor facilities and alleged cheating frauds going on in the center. Authorities got angered and irritated when they were complained about this. But instead of looking into matter they started flipping the candidates who have come to give the exams. The manhandled many candidates and started frisking them. They also abused many of them. Even when threatened of the police action they hardly seem to be affected by that.

We wish that you look into the matters as soon as possible and punish those responsible for that.

We hope that you will take the matter seriously and those suffered will be brought to justice.

Thank you


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