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Complain About the Poor Service

A complain letter about poor service is written by an irate customer who has not received services as promised by the provider in quality and/or time span. The customer could ask for a refund of payment already done or refrain from paying up. The customer can also ask for demurrages from the organization for unjustified delay in shipment or completion of work-service.

  • Start by mentioning location of store visited, work/service required and date of visit.
  • Briefly explain the incident/ unfinished work against which you are expressing grievance.
  • Mention you are disgruntled by this experience.
  • End by asking concerned authority to pay up demurrages for incomplete work /incidence failing which you will approach Consumer Forum

Complain About the Poor Service Template

Use our free Complain About the Poor Service to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



__________ (your name)


__________ (your address)


__________ (name of recipient)

__________ (designation)

__________ (name of organization)

__________ (address)



Date __________ (date of writing letter)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I visited your …..(mention organization) located on …….(mention location) on ….(mention date). I requested …(mention work you wanted done).

….(briefly explain the situation/incident which has caused disgruntlement)

I am disgruntled by this experience ….

I want you to pay up ….(mention amount) as demurrages for ….(mention incomplete wok or service) failing which I will be forced to seek help from Consumer Forum.

__________ (your name)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Complain About the Poor Service Sample, Email and Example/Format



Stacy Chapman

378, Millenium Towers

New York.


Sofia James


Clip and Art

Hemmingway Lane

New York


Dear Mrs. James,


I visited your salon located on Hemmingway Lane for hair-trim on 12September2013. Since my hair was earlier in a step-cut, I requested the stylist to trim them by half-inch.

Miss. Kelly was assigned to attend to me. To my utter horror, she clipped off almost two inches of the first step and then apologized for the mistake. I was left unattended for almost an hour in which time I complained to the supervisor.

On voicing my anger, she returned and tried completing my hair-cut which is nowhere close to the desired one. I am disgruntled by this experience and have blogged to inform people not to visit your salon or its branches elsewhere in New York.

I want a written apology from your staff and want you to pay up $100 as demurrages for spoiling my hair-cut and leaving me embarrassed with the present style which I will have to bear with for the next few months failing which I will be forced to seek help from Consumer Forum.

Stacy Chapman


Email Format

Dear Name,

I had booked my car for the transportation to___________ a week back through your cargo company_________. This was with respect to the transfer I had, and I wished to get the car soon as I have to travel a lot in my work. I was assured that the car would reach the destination in two working days, but I received the car after almost a week, that too we had lot of problems as none of the employees of your office could inform what was happening. We had to make a number of calls to your office, and we didn’t get a proper answer. Finally yesterday I received the car, but I am really upset that the car has dents is all the places and the rear window and wiper is broken.

I was charged initially ___________ for transportation amount of which I had to pay 80% at the starting point and 20% at the time of delivery. Yesterday the driver called me and informed that there is no petrol, and that he would require an additional amount to bring it to my door. The car was filled full tank with petrol at the starting office, but by the time it reached me I was charged me extra.

I am really disappointed with the service; first the amount of inconvenience caused was immense because of the delay. Second the car was not delivered in the proper condition request you to look into the matter and refund the amount for breakage.

Thanking you,

Your name,


Complain About the Poor Service Generator

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