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Sample Complaint Letter

A complaint letter is written to voice one’s problem so as to have it fixed at the earliest. Complaint letter is a more formal means of communication as compared to verbal communication. The complainant pens down his/her problem, asks concerned authorities to sort out the grievance in hand and also suggests suitable solutions if possible. This letter should be concise, brief and written in a polite yet stern tone to get favorable treatment.


  • Start by mentioning your post/designation and name of your organization.
  •  Briefly explain your grievance and causes for the same.
  • If problem has persisted after earlier reminders, mention the same.
  • End by requesting concerned authority to take suitable action to overcome grievance/ crisis.

Sample Complaint Letter Template

Use our free Sample Complaint Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


__________ (your name)
__________ (your address)

__________ (name of recipient)
__________ (recipient’s address)

Date __________ (date of writing letter)

Dear Mr/ Mrs/__________ (recipient’s name)

I work in the capacity of (mention your post/designation)….. in (mention name of organization /company) . I have complained on several occasions earlier that ….(briefly explain your grievance ) .

Despite reminders ….the problem still persists.

I request you to kindly ….(request concerned authority to take suitable action to overcome abovementioned crisis/grievance) …. in the future.

Thanking You

_________ (your name)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Sample Complaint Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Mark Robinson
Elders Paradise
Tensile Street

Ian Smith
Regal Banquet Hall
Tensile Street


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am the manager of ‘Elders Paradise’, an old-age home for seniors in your neighborhood.

I have complained on several occasions earlier that celebration in your banquet-hall till wee-hours during weddings, birthdays and other occasions is causing lot of trouble to our residents.

Since we house senior citizens many of whom have serious health conditions, peace and calm is essential for them to rest. Despite sanction of Mayor’s orders in this regard in which 9 pm is stipulated as the upper limit for playing loud music, the same has been violated on many occasions in the past.

Moreover, garbage is dumped in your back-yard for many days after such events which poses serious health-risk for our residents.

I request to kindly abide by the Mayor’s orders and ask your guests to refrain from playing loud music after 9 pm and also do the needful to maintain hygiene in and around your property in the future.

Thanking You,



Email Format

Subject:  complaint

Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

This is this to bring to your attention the problems caused by the location of your office building and your staff to its immediate neighbour. The building is situated in a residential area and hence must comply by certain moral and social responsibilities.

Most of the garbage from your office is being thrown directly in the roads. This causes the pedestrians problem in walking and also leads to the blockage of pipes along the road. There is no arrangement for parking around your office and most of the cars belonging to your staff are parked on the road causing traffic jams. The noise level generated from your building is also very high esp. that of generator. This is causing problems to neighbours.

This has been informed to your office earlier also, but no steps were taken. We request you to consider the matter immediately and steps be taken in this regard, failing which we might be forced to pursue legal course of action,



Colony association


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