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Congratulation Letter on Birth of a Child

Dear Name,

Heartiest Congratulations on the arrival of the baby. I know you both were eagerly waiting for this moment from past five year and finally your dream has come true.

This is the moment one cherishes and the new born changes every one’s life. I am sure your wife and family would be happy about the baby’s arrival. Even I am very happy for you. I still remember how you had visited different hospitals because of your wife’s complications. Well now is the time to rejoice and forget the past, and I am very happy that your wife is out of danger and doing fine. I am sure it must be a busy time for both of you.

It’s the time that your wife needs support in taking care of the new one, and I am sure you are prepared to be a good father. It’s very nice to know that you have taken paternity leave and will be joining office only _______________. Well, my wife also sends her best wishes, and as I get time we will definitely visit you both. Have a wonderful time with the little one and make the best of the time.

Congratulations again and wish you many rewarding years ahead with your family.


Your Name


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