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HSMP Cover Letter

This letter would be addressed to any Visa officer in a Embassy to apply for HSMP migration program. This letter is a way to establish correspondence with them and provide them details of your points scored, previous earnings and work experience and request them to provide an approval to let you carry on with your migration.


Mr. Andre Adams,

Work Permit Officer (Australia)


Subject: HSMP application letter.

Dear Mr. Andre,

I take this opportunity to apply for HSMP program and enclose all the other documents duly signed by for your consideration as per your requirements. I am also enclosing a copy of the receipt for the payment made for the application of $300. I also provided you a details of claimed points and documents to substantiate my point.

English language

TOEFL test reports – band 50, obtained March 2005

Previous Earnings

48 points claimed. The pay slip for the same bears stamps for the period 2003-2004 tax year.

My Academic Qualification:

44 points claimed

Authentic Certificate (MA in Literature) from Jefferson University

Australia Work Experience

5 point claimed


5 Points raised

Total Points Claimed:

Yours Truly,

Tony Gooch.


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