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Business Goodbye Letter

Dear team,

I have been in the company for past seven years and it was a pleasure to lead a team of excellent and brilliant people like you. As my employees you have been very hardworking and dedicated, which helped us to be successful in all the projects we took up together. I thank you all for making this company one of the best and doing your work to the best of your ability working under my supervision.

I understand that you as a brilliant team would be able to perform under any one of the supervisor. I have learnt a lot from you as a team and I once again thank you for all your support and dedication in making all my endeavors a success and making all the events in the company a success. It’s with regret that I am bidding a goodbye to you all but I am happy that I am leaving behind a best team I have ever had in my entire carrier. I hope you will bring more success to the company . My email address is (provide email address) and the contact number is (Contact number).Please feel free to contact me any time.

Best regards

Your name.


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