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Goodbye to a Friend

Dear name,

As you are aware I had applied for higher studies in UK University and receive the letter today .I had applied for the visa also and I received it last week. I am very excited to leave India and study abroad and I just have a week more to leave.

I was busy shopping all these days and could not meet you. I am writing this letter to thank you for being there for all ups and downs in life. We have been friends since the age of five and we have shared every moment of life together, you had always there with me for all my sorrow and joy .I would like to express my gratitude for standing by my side during the troubles of my life. You were there as support for my sister’s wedding and also as a support during my dad’s illness, you have been always there as an elder brother supporting and guiding me.

I don’t feel like saying a goodbye but at times in life you have to say this, it’s with regret and sadness I depart from you and wish to see you the same once I am back. I wish you all the luck in all your endeavors.

You can contact me at my email address and the contact number and the address I will send when I reach there. Keep in touch.


Your name.

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