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Sample Goodbye Letter

A best friend is an unforgettable part of once life and we never want to get apart from him/her. There are many affairs which separates friends, though not emotionally but geographically. When you are going away from your friend, it’s good to write a goodbye letter to him/her. The letter will not only say farewell but will also give a special feeling when he/she will know how important he/she is for you.

Here is a sample goodbye letter to best friend:


Damian Colton
5th Riverside Drive,
72nd Street, Union City,
New York


Samantha Brown
101 Third Avenue,
15th Street, Union City,
New York

25th June, 2010

Dear Samantha,

I am writing this letter with the mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. As you know, I have applied in some MNC’s and waiting for their reply. So I want to tell you that I got a joining letter from one of them.

Torontotech is among the top notch IT companies in USA and is among my dream companies. Today when I received the joining letter, I felt to fly high. They want me to join within 15 days. The time is short and I need to prepare for many things. I am excited and happy for this but also very sad because I am going away from my best friend.

It is really tuff for me because since childhood we were together and you always shared every moment of our life. Even if I will try, I will never be able to find a friend like you. Your friendship is my treasure for whole life and even if I am away from you, I will always be in touch with you.

I will send you my new contact details as soon as I will get. I hope to see you in Frankfurt and want you to be with me. With all the memories of our friendship, sayonara! Cheers to our friendship.

May lord bless you!

Your friend,


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