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Goodbye Letter to CoWorkers

This letter is being written from a coworker to his colleagues on his departure from a company. He is leaving to take on bigger challenges elsewhere, but his departure saddens him, as he has built up a great rapport with his co workers over the years.


Palm view

NY 4325

Dear Colleagues

I am writing this letter, to you, my co workers and colleagues to inform you all that in two week s time I will be leaving the organization. My time at DHS I feel has been extremely rewarding and worthwhile, but I feel that it is now time to take on bigger and better challenges.

You have all, individually, and as a whole, been an inspiration to me, and I have learned things from all of you, and will take with me the fondest of memories of my time within the company. I feel some pain in leaving behind such great colleagues and co workers.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all as individuals, as well as a company as a whole, all the very best for the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me

phone. 564 345 8776

email.  dmarc@wmail.com

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