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Goodbye Letter to a Friend

A friend, to a childhood friend, whom she has just spent some time with, has written this letter. She thanks her friend for the time they spent together in recent days, as well as wishing her that they remain in contact, and stay friends forever.

Ella Richards

324 Old rd


30 April 2010

Dear Ella,

I am writing this letter to you so that you have something that you can keep to remind you of our friendship, to bid you a proper farewell, so you will never forget our friendship and the times of joy as well as sadness, we have spent together. The past few days have been fantastic, reminiscing about old school and college times.

Imagine if Mrs Thin had not made us sit next to each other, then we would never have become such firm friend that we are today.

My cell phone number and email are the same as always. Please stay in touch, you are a life long friend to me, and I wish you all the best for whatever your ventures are for the future,

Janice Perkins

345 Lowland Avenue



Mersey side

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