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Goodbye Letter to Teacher

Dear teacher,

This letter is from class 9B students to say goodbye as you leave this school and join the (name of the school). We always loved your classes and session and would like to tell you that you were the best teacher we ever had. Madam you were very supportive and helpful and you made it a point to sit with students who used to lag behind in any of the chapters.

We will miss all your wonderful jokes and free sessions you had with us. You were like a friend and guide. Being the class teacher and the head of the dance club you were very supportive and helped us form a special dance group. We will be missing you a lot. We all wish that you should have been there for our finals. But we are happy that you are joining a better position in the (school name).

We all wish a wonderful carrier ahead and wish that you be loved by the student from that school in the same respect that we loved you.

Thank you once again for all your hard work and help.

Please be in touch with us

Your students of class 9b

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