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Goodbye Resignation Letter

This letter is written from one colleague to another, informing him officially of his resignation. His colleague is already aware that he will be leaving the company, but in writing to him, he takes the opportunity to tell him formally and also to thank him for all the support and encouragement he has shown him throughout his tenure with the company.

David Hutcheon

125 Sunny side


Dear David

As I as sure you are already well aware, I am resigning form my current position at D.H Inc as Sales Executive to take up an offer with Leap Frog inc, but take this opportunity to formally inform you of this pending event.

I would like to thank you for your help and guidance during my tenure here at D.H Inc, and your encouragement whenever it was necessary. It truly has been an honor to work for the company, and with you, and hope our friendship will continue to be long lived.

As my new position will be a higher level within my career, I ask that you continue to give me advice and suggestions whenever I may need it.

I thank you once again for all you have done for me, my contacts details are:


Phone 567 897657

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