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Manager Goodbye Letter

This letter has been written by a manager of a company to his team of dedicated staff, on his retirement. He wishes every success to the company in the future, and thanks the team for having played such a great part in making the company the success that it is today.

20th May 2010

Dear Team,

I am writing you this letter as, after ten years with the company, it has now come around for it to be my time to take my retirement. Throughout these ten years, I have received nothing less than support, cooperation hard work and diligence from you as a team, the great success of the company being a direct result of such dedication.

On my retirement, I hold every confidence in you as my team to carry on in my footsteps, and I wish you all, and the company all the best for your future endeavors. I will leave my cell phone and email with the receptionist, you are all welcome to keep in touch, and please do not hesitate to contact me if need be on any company problem with which I may be of assistance.

Best regards

Mr Philip McMahon

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