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Distant Love Letter

Summary – If you love somebody, who is so far from you then distance love letter can help you. It will bring your relation to next level where you both will understand each other’s feelings. Both of you will become close through those words written in this letter so try this for you distand relationship.


J- 45, Vikas marg

New Delhi 110056,

My angel Radhika,

In this letter I want to tell you my dear that what you are in my life and how much incomplete I am without you. You are always in the core of my heart and no any distance can bring us away. I understand how much difficult it is to live in a long distance from each other. Life time to time tests our true love and devotion for each other and I do belive that until and unless you are with me we can cross any hurdle. I am getting so desperate to be with you again and as the time is passing my desire is increasing.

Your thought brings a smile on my face everytime. You lives in the depths of my heart. Till then u come back to me your love is sending you his deep love to you through these words.

Your love


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