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Great Love Letter

Summary – In great love letter a lover tell her partner to feel his love and feelings. He tell those beautiful words which can make everything alright in this world. Great love letter means every thing perfect for the relation your partner will fall in more love with you. Send her this loving letter, which is written with lots of emotions, and capture their happy feeling.

Dear Leena,

When we met first time on 5 Aug, I fell in love with you and from that day it is very difficult to stay away from you. I do not know what it is but a very strange feeling start coming in me and I think that it is love. I am not able to speak in front of you this but today with all my will I am writing all what I think about you and just want to say three most powerful and golden words I LOVE YOU. I do not why but I feel very bad when I see you with someone else. I feel good when I talks about you. There are many things, which can express this feeling, but noting can do a better job then love letter. In this letter I m writing all those emotion, which I never dared to tell you on your face.

Telling everything through your lips is not easy and impressive but writing a love letter is unique thing to do. I want to complete all your desires and wishes. In addition, for me it’s very difficult to stay away from you. Without you, I am incomplete and want to spend my whole life in your warm cuddles. And I can wait for you through my whole life.

Yours lovingly,


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