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Sweet Love Letter

Love is a divine feeling. Its divinity binds the humanity. It cannot be truly expressed in words but can be only felt. Love letters are the best ways to convey your genuine feelings to your beloved. Love letter speaks the feelings of your heart. Love letters should speak your heart. They should be authentic, sincere and hand written for giving a personal touch.

  • As it is an informal letter, it can be expressive.
  • It should be clear and precise. A love letter should express the feelings of the writer.

Sweet Love Letter Template

Use our free Sweet Love Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



_____________ ( your address)


_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

My love,

I want to express my love for you through this letter. It is in fact my good luck that you have met me and our relationship grew as days passed by. You are apple of my eye and you have instilled tremendous confidence in me with your presence. I am always grateful for your actions. You are kind, generous and good at heart. All your qualities make you a unique person.

I am so fortunate so win your heart. I hope to live my life with you. I always long to be with you, hug you and cuddle you.

Honey, what else should I tell you? You have become an obsession to me and all through the day I am only thinking and dreaming about. Hope all my dreams come true!

The day I meet you, my life seems to be so complete. Darling! You are filled in my dreams and I am just waiting to meet you.


Yours lovingly,


______________ (Your name)


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Sweet Love Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


My dear Rosy,

Whenever I think of your name, I feel a whisper and I will be overwhelmed by my emotions. This is a unique feeling which I have never felt till now with anyone. Life has opened up new horizons. Everything around me looks rosy and beautiful.

I always long to see you and feel your presence. I love you so much that I cannot express in words. You have become my absolute happiness and satisfaction. Your presence makes me a feel complete. Your beautiful eyes never stop twinkling and I get lost in your gaze.

You words give tremendous confidence to me to undertake any type of task. You give me the strength to face the world. You are in fact my dream girl with whom I never wish to part. It is indeed my good fortune to meet you.

May you always smile and be happy!


Tons of love,




Email Format

Love, the magical thing happens from heaven. It cannot be defined by words, but your heart speaks the beauty of it. Love letter is not only a piece of paper with some words written but it’s your pure feelings and a special gift to your partner. Love letter consists of words from your heart. When you hear the word love, you might think of the person you love. You can read a sample love letter below.

My dear sweetie,

I have never seen an angel….but I find one. It is you.

I am not a poet….but you made me a poet with your love.

I find God’s presence….in your smile.

I have never asked a boon to God…but he gave a boon. It is you.

I do … care and pray for you.

I love….the way you are.

I know…you realize my heart’s language while seeing my eyes.

I want… you in my life forever.

Your care….making me precious.

You are my dream… I miss you.

When I see your eyes….I realizes ‘True love is God!’




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