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Sweet Love Letter

Summary: Love, the magical thing happens from heaven. It cannot be defined by words, but your heart speaks the beauty of it. Love letter is not only a piece of paper with some words written but it’s your pure feelings and a special gift to your partner. Love letter consists of words from your heart. When you hear the word love, you might think of the person you love. You can read a sample love letter below.

My dear sweetie,

I have never seen an angel….but I find one. It is you.

I am not a poet….but you made me a poet with your love.

I find God’s presence….in your smile.

I have never asked a boon to God…but he gave a boon. It is you.

I do … care and pray for you.

I love….the way you are.

I know…you realize my heart’s language while seeing my eyes.

I want… you in my life forever.

Your care….making me precious.

You are my dream… I miss you.

When I see your eyes….I realizes ‘True love is God!’


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