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Keep In Touch Letter

Dear name,

How are you, it’s been a long time, since I left to US that I have written to you. I am writing to inform you that I have been blessed with a baby boy. You must be aware that we are having a child after five years.

It’s a very happy moment for me and my family. I tried to call but the line was constantly busy. Please inform this to rest of our friends. We have kept a small ceremony where all my family and friends are attending. I will send you the photographs of the ceremony. How is your work; I heard you were on a trip to Singapore how was it? How is aunt and uncle .I really miss all those fun we used to have at your place and I miss aunties homemade cookies. Here in US also we have lot of friends and we get along very well.

I am sorry I couldn’t attend your sister’s wedding. What is the groom doing, I heard that they are from a well to do family? Nice to know that she is settled. How are your son and wife? How old is your son now?

I am planning to come down this summer. Hope to see you then.

Keep in touch.


Your Name

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