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Car Sales Letter

Summary: If you are dealing in selling cars of different types then write a car sales letter in which you can mention about the cars, which you have in stores. Mention the quality services you can provide to the clients and customers on purchasing cars from your company. Follow this effective car sales letter to serve you better.

Mr. Josh Z. O’Sullivan

Box 28,


14th September 2010

Dear Josh,

When you look for a car no matter whether is a used car, cheap car, Quality car or a new car that you need to talk to is Square Car Sales. We are located right in the middle of Manchester. We are one of the leading car dealers in this area. Squire Car Sales deals in any type of vehicle from the minis to the trailers. If the car you are looking for is not available with us, it is unlikely that you will find it elsewhere in Manchester. We import for special orders and we get vehicles custom made for those who want special cars.

If you live in Manchester area, please pay us a visit. We are open all seven days of the eek. Also you have the option to visit our website to find more details at www.squarecarsales.com. We are eagerly waiting to meet you.

Yours truly,

Allen James,


Square Car Sales

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