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Domain Sales Letter

Summary: Domain sales letter is written to mention about the domain, which are on sales. If you deal in selling domains then write this domain sales letter to the future clients. Describe about the best domain names, which you can provide, and other services you will provide.

Dear Kevin,

For which everyone this opportunity has a dream of having his own website. Secure a domain name for very low price with many other benefits. You can register your own .net.com or even .biz website. Even you can renew your old one and save a lot. Choose our domain names and get some out of the ordinary services from us.

This is an opportunity that comes once in a life time. Grab it and enjoy running your own website today. In addition to domain names we have a host of other services too. You will be able to customize your email and you will be able to host free of charge. Our customer service is open 24hours a day in all seven days. When you purchase three domains you will get one domain free of charge. To get more details please visit our website at www.mikedomains.com.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Peters,

Mike Domains.com

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