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Instant Sales letter

Sales letters have become a very essential part of the business world. Whenever business personnel have to communicate with his clients or customers these sales letters act as a written communication between them. In business world a written communication has more credits than the verbal one. These written communications act as proof and evidence. These sales letters shows your professionalism and your dedication towards your work. Instant sales letters are written by the business professional in order to convey the information of instance clearance of the sale to the customers. Generally these instant sales are available for limited period only. These letters carries all the information regarding the instant clearance of the sale of a product. This information are regarding to the quality and collection range of the product on sale. The venue for the clearance sale is also mentioned in this sales letter. These letters focuses on the benefits that the customers will get in being the part of this sale.

Tips For Writing A Perfect Instant Sales Letter:

  1. The letter should be formal.
  2. The letters should address the exact person.
  3. The letter should carry relevant and crisp information about the clearance sale.
  4. The details about the venue and product on sale should be mentioned clearly.

Instant Sales letter Sample:


Mr John Clare

Beauty store

35 Reddem Avenue


16th September 2013

Dear Mr John,

WE are glad to inform you that Beauty Care Cosmetics Ltd are organising a clearance sale for the end of year in our NHY outlet. You can get a variety of products that are on sale on almost half of their prices. For the whole sale trade we have special discounts offers available.

Our company is based in Sweden and has outlet all over the world. We are one of the renowned names in the beauty care industry and are internationally renowned. So carrying our products will also enhance your sale.

So what are you waiting for just grab this special offer.

Rona Jones


Beauty Care Cosmetics Ltd.


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