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Sales Letter Template

Business professional prefer Sales letter templates to explain about your products and to attract customers. Sales letter templates are used in a manner that without giving large information one can help his customers to get acknowledged about the offerings of the business. The templates generate promotional letters that help in the enhancement of the sale. These letters are generally referred as letter landing page of sales where a business person talks about his products and sells them. It is seen that most of the sales letter follow a same template. For a business an effective sales letter is very essential and for such letter writing there is a general formula to be followed. However there are no rules but there are certainly some tips that help to create a perfect sales letter.

  • Introduce the name of the person or organisation you are referring to.
  • Create headlines and be clear about the information you want to provide.
  • The letter should be formal and credible.
  • Avoid hand written letters. These letters should never be hand written.
  • The note and style of the letter should attract your customer.
  • Price justification is essential.

Sales Letter Template Template

Use our free Sales Letter Template to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

Date ___________


_____________ (name & address of recipient)


Dear Mr. ___________ (name),

We are glad to inform you about _________ (introduction of business or your product). We are looking forward for ____________ (purpose of the letter).

We have introduced ___________ (details, quality, features and benefits of your business/ product). The price that has been quoted___________ (introduce the price quotes).

We are hoping for _________ (restate purpose for letter). Thank you for giving you valuable time. Hope for a better business.




_______________ ( name of sender & address of firm)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Sales Letter Template Sample, Email and Example/Format


Sept 07, 2013

Hanley Richardson

4444 lincin way


Dear Mr. Richardson,

We are glad to inform you about the production of our new product. You are one of our valuable customers and we have a chance here to extend it much further. We have introduced a new cloth line and are glad to provide you with the details.

We have introduced a new brand “era” for the women formal dresses. The materials are of high quality and extremely comfortable. The dresses are designed keeping the elegancy of a woman in mind. They are designer wears and hardly any repetition will be seen in the style. The price rates will be same as prevailing in the market.

You are our valuable customer and we want to introduce you in our new venture also. We can send some samples to your firm and further can discuss the other details. Thank you for giving your valuable time. Hope for a better business.



Rosy Smith

Smith production ltd.


Email Format

Client’ Name,

Client’s Title’

Company Name,

Company Address,


Dear (Name of Client and title i.e. Mr., Mrs., or Miss Etc)

Do you have trouble_______ (Mention the problems your products or services could help solve)? We at (provide introduction of your company and its specialty. We offer you_____ (mention what your company has on offer. Make sure that you explain the benefits of your products to the client. The letter should be able to get the client to act).

For further information, visit our website______ (Give the address of your website and the email address of yours.

Yours truly,

(Your name, title of yours and the company name)

Sales Letter Template Generator

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