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Letter of Sympathy for Loss of Wife

Summary: the bond between a wife and the husband is something that is treasured for years to come. However, when this bond breaks because of the sudden departure of one of the partners, the friends and relatives are left with nothing except to express their deep grieves. Show your friends that you care for them through this sample letter.

Adam Swanton

1444 Forest Drive

Mclean, VA 22101

Date: Sep 4, 2007.

My dear brother,

I hope you find this letter in good health. I received the bad news almost ten days back about the tragic death of your wife and I completely lost my senses hearing the news. It is indeed a loss of an ultimate everlasting bond that a husband and a wife shares and loss of the divine love too that leaves the partner alone without the other one. Everyone in our circle will remember her in the discussion and their hearts for long time to come, as she was famous for her affection and compassion towards the friends and family relatives. However, people still praise her for the wise decisions and in-depth knowledge on all the household issues. It is not easy to overcome this tragic loss at this part of life and no one can ever fill the missing gap that she left.

I share my sorrows and condolences with you during this phase of life. Although you can never forget her but I would ask you to go on with life as death is also a part of life.

Take care

You’re lovingly,

Elizabeth Spears

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