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Letter to Offer Sympathy for a Loss of Job

Dear Name,

It’s really sad that _____________ Company has laid you off. I can understand how it feels in such difficult times. Last year I faced the same problem but in few months I got back a good opportunity and now I am settled. I am confident that with your skills and experience you will get a better opportunity.

There are some things in our lives which are beyond our control and I believe this might be just another opportunity to prove your skills .if you are interested in joining our firm you can forward the resume to me. But let me just inform you that right now there is no position available but I will try my best. In the mean time why don’t you take tuition classes for higher secondary classes .There is a great demand of tuition teachers near our colony. If you like I will forward your phone numbers to all my elderly friends who have kids looking for good tuitions and simultaneously you can look for another job.

I will also inform you about placement services and jobs ,if I get any information. If you need any help please feel free to call me at _________.

Be confident and good luck.


Your name.

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