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Sympathy for Loss of Husband

Loss of husband is something very much terrible. This kind of situation calls for a sympathy letter for the wife of the deceased. These letters are extremely sensitive and should be written with extra care. The letter should depict the feeling of sender quiet clearly. The sender should ask to provide help to the family members of the deceased. The help might be in the form of funds. The letter should show a sense of respect for the deceased and to the family members, especially to the receiver.

There are certain points that should be memorized by the author of the letter:

1. Mistakes should be avoided.

2. The letter should be in a formal language and should show some respect to the receiver.

Sympathy for Loss of Husband Sample






Date: _______________ (the sender wrote the letter on this very date)





Subject: Letter conveying my condolences

Respected madam,

I detected the untimely death of your husband, ABC.  Please settle for our sincere sympathies for the loss. I grasp that it is harsh to wear down such a heavy loss.

Mr.ABC is actually a miserable loss to the corporate, too. He was one amongst the simplest sales representatives this company has had and his dedication and labor is outstanding.  He can never be forgotten by everybody he has worked with.  He lived a decent life and that we feel honored to be one amongst people who were ready to be a district of his life.  His bequest can board the success he has helped the corporate come through the years.

The company sends with this letter a tiny low add as funding to you and your family. We tend to hope this humble quantity can assist you. Thanking You.


Yours Sincerely,

Name and Signature

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