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Sympathy Letter for Accident

Summary: consoling a friend on a bad accident is usually the toughest thing on earth especially when you cannot make it yourself to personally visit him/her. At such moments, this sample letter will show you an easy way out to let your friend know that you treasure him/her

Ronald K. Campbell

3161 Willis Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Date: Aug 06, 2002.

Dear Ronald

I hope that you find this letter in good health. I have been waiting to write you since a long time but unfortunately I came to know about your regrettable accident that met you just a few days back. Tell me how you are now and how did this happen in the first place? It’s been such messy traffic out there that people no longer care about the basic traffic rules and for the lives of others too. Traffic Rush has increased many fold. I came to know that you escaped the danger luckily in spite of fracturing your left leg.

I am praying to God to help you recover as soon as possible but it is advised that once you have removed your plaster bandage, visit a physiotherapist right away because that is the only way to gain the smooth movements back. At the same time, take a healthy diet rich with calcium content and go for a half an hour walk daily. I was looking forward to meet you personally but couldn’t make it possible as I didn’t get the leave sanctioned.

Best of luck for your ultimate recovery.

Your friend,

Edwin J. Stringer

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