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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Pet

Sympathy letters are written on many occasions. It is mainly written, when the receiver lose something very precious for the receiver and is very close to his heart. The letter should be flooded with words like sorry, condolences and sympathy. The letter should be very much clear about the feeling of the sender. It should show any kind of disrespect for the receiver or his beloved deceased one. Lastly the letter should offer a helping hand for the receiver. These letters are written in deaths of receiver’s acquaintance or pet, loss of job, divorce etc.

There are some very crucial points that are to be remembered while writing such a letter:

1. Mistakes should be avoided regarding spelling and grammatical.

2. The letter should show some respect and should provide a helping hand.

Sympathy Letter for Loss of Pet Sample






Date: ______________ (the letter is written by the writer on this very date)





Subject: Letter conveying my condolences to you

Respected Sir,

Hope this letter can notice you in sensible mood. I am sorry to hear sad news concerning your pet tiger, the XYZ dog of yours. I do know however you have developed your attachment together with your pet. It is so a true loss of an honest friend and dogs are superb friends to humans since older times. I bear in mind him serving to your father obtaining relief from the high blood pressure and heavy heart disorder together with somewhat of exercise once he accustomed take it go in the mornings.

Though it is a good loss, I counsel you to divert your mind from the incident and consider your forthcoming finish semester examinations, because the career is very important.  I additionally recommend you to bring another puppy at the earliest do able so it will assist you in forgetting the tiger.


Yours Affectionately,

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