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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Wife

Summary: The given sample of the letter below can be used for expressing your deep sorrow in regard with the life partner of someone close to you. It is always terrible news for everybody. Therefore, your nice words and support is never can be odd. It is always difficult to find the words in such moments; hopefully the sample below will help you.

Tom Sandler

14, Bradworth Road

New Jersey


Date: Aug 08, 2010.

Dear Tom,

I am really sorry for your terrible lost. Jovanna was your light, your support, your second half in the straight meaning of this word. I have been known you for 10 years and always considered you the ideal couple. I can understand your loss. She was so bright person, bringing light everywhere she appears. I remember her meeting with my family two years ago. It was only 10 minutes conversation with her, but my parents were shocked to know about this news and remember her as a positive and joyful person. Nobody can fill this gap.

I will try my best to be present at the funeral. I am trying to get the ticket.

Take care, Tom. Be strong since your kids are in need of you now as never before.

Accept my deep condolences,

With a great sympathy,


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