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Words of Sympathy Letter Sample

A comprehending note is a kind of creating or note where someone articulate their deep thoughts and sentiments of sympathy for who bears large difficulty somebody who is in ache or it can furthermore be individual who is ill and in agony.

Some important tips to write a sympathy letter:

1. The letter can be formal as well as informal. If it is being addressed to an aged person or boss, it is written in a formal way and in an informal way in case when written among the friends, for better understanding.

2. The letter must not contain any kind of wrongs or language or grammatical mistakes so as to avoid any kind of wrong impression.

Words of Sympathy Letter  Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: sympathy note

Dear XYZ,

I am so grief-stricken to find out and find out from your posted remarks that you are afflicting in an infection. I am in shock as I am composing this note. The final time that we broadcast was about ABC months before. You are so strong and fit. I yearn I can take care of you. I realize your sentiments and your state that advances through.

I identify you are courageous and mighty and as well it is just punctual since you are in first stage where the sickness can be healed by talking good brain professional. So this is my counsel is for you get the best remedy. Just accept in mind that I am wholeheartedly having thoughts on you and I do beg to God for your wholesome being.

Great pleasure allow me to help you if you need any monetary aid I am here to help you.


Yours truly,

Name of the sender

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