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Words of Sympathy Letter

If somebody you understand is in awful status, giving sympathy note to them can actually signify an allotment. They will address this as a great help for what they are experiencing. Your note can ease anything sorrow they have. Also, your note can be an inspiration for them to fight with their awful situation as there are persons who are worried to them.

Few tips to write a sympathy letter:

1. The letter must contain a proper sympathy shown to the person who is facing the hard times.

2. The letter must be totally error free and the writer must avoid any kind of mistakes during writing.

3. A due support and note of sorry must be offered at the end of the letter.

Words of Sympathy Letter Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: sympathy note

Respected sir,

I am substantially sad by the sudden death of Mr. XYZ, your dad. Your dad and I were colleagues at work as I worked under his supervision. Employed with him was one of my greatest desires in my vocation. Your dad was very good in enterprise and he has a good personality as well.

I do sympathize with how you are feeling and I understand that it is far beyond any consolation as of the instant. Now, you will be facing another challenge in organizing the business without the guidance of your father. Don’t you concern, are powerful and do not halt believing in yourself and in our God as he will be with you to defend you. Please count on me if ever you need some help. I offer my condolences to you and to the rest of your family.

Yours truly,

Name of the sender

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