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Volunteer Termination Letter


The letter is used to inform an establishment in which you have been volunteering that you will be no more able to continue giving your services to them. The reason for your volunteer termination, the date from which you wish to stop your services and a thank you note at end is given in this letter. This letter is a good way to convey your decisions to the person. If you have no idea of writing a volunteer termination letter then follow this given below letter.


Ms Swaroopa Sudhir

#20, 2nd cross, 3rd block



Phone: 26657897

18th January, 2010


Save the children

6th cross, 1st main

Wilson garden


Dear Sir,

Sub: Termination of Volunteer Service.

I am moving to US to pursue my higher studies. This makes it not possible for me to volunteer in Save the Children organization hence forth. Therefore I request you to please truncate my appointment as a volunteer here, preferably effective from 31st January 2010.

Thank you for the opportunity given to me to render my volunteering services for you.

Yours sincerely,

Swaroopa Sudhir

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