Thank You Letter for Lending Money

Summary: When any person refer you for any post of position through a reference letter then its your duty to write a reference thank you letter. A reference thank you letter is written to the person who has provided the letter to you for your help. A reference letter is one, which is given by a well-known person or friend to whom the letter is addressed to. When you want to write a reference thank you letter, you can read the below letter to get the right words.


General Manager

Hotel Happy days

New York

10th November 2008.

Dear Sir,

I earnestly thank you for the reference letter provided by you. It was very kind of you to give me the letter at the time of my transfer. The reference letter allowed me to turn the situation in my favor and obtain the profession of my preference.

I genuinely thank you once more for the kind words.

If I can be of any help to you from this place, I would be obliged to assist you well.

Thanking You,


(Harry Larsen)

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