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Thank you Letter Format

Summary: A thank you note can definitely make anyone’s day. So, tell your friends or colleagues, how much you value their gifts by sending a Thank You letter by following the below mentioned format.

Date 12 September 2010

Recipient’s Name: Cecil P Halterman

Recipient’s Designation (If official) Sales Manager

Recipient’s address goes here:

2557 My Drive
New York, NY 10013

Re: Please put the full name and number in full

Dear Sir,

(It is important to write the following paragraph in order to introduce your letter to the reader).

Always begin with the words “Thank You” to make the message precise and clear. Make sure to keep rest of the information short, crisp and to the point. Your gift should be referred to as its name and not just be gift; this gives a personal touch to your letter. For example, if the gift is pen or a vase, always say “thank you for the beautiful vase/pen”, instead of “thank you for the gift”.

(When you describe about the gift, refrain yourself from using the slang words. Elaborate on the gift you received and also mention how you would be using it)

Always sign off the letter by saying Thank You again.

Yours Respectfully,

Rod Mckinsey


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