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Thank You Letter to Boss

Summary: Thank you letter to the Boss are the letters that you may need to write for expressing your gratitude to the Boss. The occasions can be different: promotion, offer of the opportunity, raise in a salary, etc. Therefore, it is good to know how to write this letter in a proper way. Here is a sample below you can follow.



General Manager

Karenele Inc.

Dear Sir,

I wish express my gratitude for offering me a position of a marketing manager within our corporation. It is a great opportunity for me to show my potential for the benefit of our company. I will try to do my best for proving the faith you had in me. I am looking forward to start execution of my new duties applying all my knowledge and skills. I promise that I will be as valuable as I can for our incorporation and make sure that you will not regret about your decision. I would like you thank you one more time for the granted opportunity.

Yours truly,

Jane Harrison

Marketing manager

Karenele Inc.

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